Information for Grant Holders – Vision Foundation

Information for Grant Holders

Frequently asked questions for grant holders.

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Information for Grant Holders

If you are offered a grant by the Vision Foundation, you will receive an Award email notifying you of the grant amount and any associated conditions. Accompanying this email will be our Grant Terms and Conditions. You should confirm in writing that you have read, understood and accept the terms and conditions as soon as possible after receipt of the offer.

Grant payments

We will only pay grants after the head of your organisation has formally accepted our Grant Terms and Conditions. One-year grants or the first payment of a multi-year grant can be claimed when your project begins and you are about to incur costs. Second and third year grant payments will be made at agreed intervals and are conditional on satisfactory progress on your project and up-to-date reporting.

You will need to send us a completed Grant Payment Form and a copy of a paying-in slip or other official bank document (with sensitive information redacted) to verify your bank details.

We aim to transfer the grant to your account within ten working days of receipt of all the information we need, although this is not guaranteed.

Interim progress reports

All grant holders are expected to report on progress every six months until your project has completed or the period of work that we are funding has ended. These interim reports help us to understand how your work is progressing and is an opportunity for you to update us on problems or successes from the previous six months.

You will need to send us a completed Interim Progress Report Form by the date specified in your Award email.

Final reports

Once your project is complete or after the period of work that we are funding has ended, we would like to receive a final report that reflects on the outcomes from your project and shares any learning and highlights. We want to know what difference your grant-funded work has made to the lives of people facing or living with sight loss in London, so that we can understand the impact of our funding and it can inform our future work.

You will need to send us a completed Final Report Form within six months of the end of your project.