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How our funding works

Our social impact funding supports projects that are designed to improve the experience of being blind or partially sighted, or at risk of sight loss, in the UK. We are an evidence-led funder and base our programmes on where we feel our money can have the greatest impact.

Applications for The Vision Fund are now closed.

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Image shows an exercise session at London South Bank University.

Applications for The Vision Fund are currently closed. Follow us on social media to be the first to hear about funding opportunities!


About The Vision Fund

Guided by our vision of a future where people living with sight loss are equal citizens and preventable blindness is a thing of the past, the Vision Fund is designed to support organisations delivering services directly to blind and partially sighted people across London, and organisations that are expert in their fields but may not be reaching blind and partially sighted people.

We welcome applications that cover all aspects of living, working, studying in or visiting London. We are looking for projects which can demonstrate a track record of success or initiatives that need an innovative early-stage funder to provide an opportunity to develop ideas, learning and leverage further funding. 


Grants and Impact Advisory Committee

The Vision Foundation’s Grants and Impact Advisory Committee makes sure the Vision Foundation’s grants and impact activities are fair, transparent and guided by expert advice and knowledge. The Committee members, who all have lived experience of sight loss, provide independent advice to our Board of Trustees, with a particular focus on reviewing funding applications and making recommendations on the best and most impactful projects to support.

Find information on members of the Advisory Committee here.

London Community Response Fund

The emergency situation brought about by Covid-19 spurred the launch of the London Community Response, coordinated by London Funders. This Fund has made millions of pounds available to London’s civil society groups affected by Covid-19 through an easy to access process. The Vision Foundation was an early partner and contributor to ensure that blind and partially sighted people were supported during this crisis.