Trustee to triumph in peloton to save sight and change lives! – Vision Foundation

Trustee to triumph in peloton to save sight and change lives!

Fundraising assistant, Olivia caught up with Trustee and Team Vision cyclist, Elizabeth Honer to discuss the upcoming and historic RideLondon-Essex event she will be taking part in this Sunday, 28 May. Elizabeth will be cycling a whopping 100 miles around Central London and neighbouring villages in Essex with Vision Foundation’s cheer squad spurring her on. We can’t wait to support our cyclists and watch them gear up for what will be a fantastic day!

Elizabeth pictured in her helmet and Team Vision cycling jersey looking at the camera smiling
Olivia wanted to know what Elizabeth plans to do before, during and after the big event and sat down to ask her some questions:

Before the day…

What made you want to sign up to do it for Vision Foundation?

Elizabeth: As a board trustee, I just had to say yes when asked! I care deeply about what we do and here was a chance for me to contribute in a different way and raise money.
Olivia: We’re so thrilled to have one of board members taking part and you have raised an incredible amount of money!

What are you doing to prepare?

Elizabeth: I am fortunate to live near the North Downs, with some glorious countryside. I am out on the bike on a Sunday getting the miles in. I have gradually been increasing my mileage and got up to 60 miles by the end of April, with 70 miles the aim for this Sunday 14 May. When not on the bike, I am doing spinning classes, to help build some strength. I am still rather nervous about finishing while the roads are still closed, as I have just heard that my start time is about 2 hours later than I hoped!

Olivia: Wow, it sounds like you are amazingly prepared and how lucky to have such great scenery where you are. Although 100 miles is daunting I’m sure you will finish and do very well. Whatever time you get, just taking part is a massive achievement.

What’s on your must-have kit list?

Elizabeth: My Vision Foundation t-shirt and cycling jersey!


During the race…

What landmark(s) are you most looking forward to passing on the route?

Elizabeth: I am really looking forward to coming across Tower Bridge, and not just because that’s the end of the ride! It is a real luxury to be able to cycle through the centre of London and into the picturesque Essex lanes without traffic.

Olivia: I’m hoping the weather holds out for you too so you can finish the race in the sun!

Which body part gets sore first?

Elizabeth: Ah well, now you’re asking. I had both my hips replaced last year, which is proving to be an added challenge, and it feels as though I’ve developed extra seat bones. So even with padded shorts I do have to ease myself from the saddle quite a bit.

Olivia: It’s incredible that despite having your surgery, you’re a still wanting to take part and give it a go. I wish I was as brave and determined.

What thoughts help you to dig deep when it gets tough?

Elizabeth: That I’m doing the ride for something so important, with so many friends and colleagues having sponsored me. That will really help spur me on when all I really want to do is throw the bike in a ditch. I’m hoping for some cheering crowds too, which will certainly help.

Olivia: I love the atmosphere at events like RideLondon and we can’t wait to cheer you on, as you cycle past!


After the race…

What’s the first thing you’ll eat to refuel?

Elizabeth: I shall just want a lovely cup of tea I think. And perhaps a really large cake.

Olivia: You definitely deserve a nice slice of cake!

Is it a warm hot bath or a cold shower afterwards?

Elizabeth: Definitely a warm bath, although apparently that’s not the best thing to do unfortunately.

Olivia: Sometimes you just have to do what feels best for your body regardless of what the experts say haha!

Finally, what do you hope to take from the experience?

Elizabeth: That’s a great question. I hope to take away a feeling that with the help of my sponsors I’ve managed to do one small thing to help our charity and the people it supports.

Olivia: Thank you so much to Elizabeth for taking the time to answer the questions and wishing you every success for the day!


Fancy a challenge of your own?

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