Father-son duo share their epic journey to the RideLondon-100 – Vision Foundation

Father-son duo share their epic journey to the RideLondon-100

Cycling for charity is a family affair!

If you were about to undertake a gruelling 100-mile cycle through and around the nation’s capital, how would you be feeling?

We caught up with the cycling dream team, a.k.a. father and son duo Alan and Seb (in their beautiful sunlit garden) to find out how their training is going for RideLondon-Essex 2023, which will take place this Sunday, 28 May 2023.

Here’s what they said…

Why are you fundraising for Vision Foundation?

Seb, an 18year old white man with brown hair, sunglasses, a white shirt and shorts sits next to his father, Alan wearing a navy blue shirt and blue trousers. Who is in his 50s. They are sat in the sun behind trees and purple flowers.
Alan and Seb are sat in their garden filming the video.

Seb: I think firstly, the Vision Foundation is a great charity, they do lots of great work and they’re just lovely people.

Alan: Olivia and the team have been absolutely fantastic. For people who don’t do many events like this they have held our hands, shown us the way, made sure we do a little bit of training and yeah so fundamentally there is a chance that we might get round and even raise some money for them. [Laughs]

Alan and Seb have already raised an incredible amount of money supporting blind and partially sighted people! The money will go towards funding life-saving projects that centre around accessibility and inclusion across London.


What training have you been doing to prepare for RideLondon?

Seb: For me, I’ve been doing lots of running. I haven’t had my bike for the last month so I’ve been running around parks, doing a little bit of jogging, doing some spin biking in the gym.

I’ve recently come back home, so my dad and I, we’ve been out cycling around Norfolk, the last couple of days, which has been lovely, the weather’s been great as you can see. So hopefully with another week under our belts, we’ll have some good stamina to keep us going for 100 miles.

Alan: Yeah. Two weeks training, that’s all you need. [Laughs].

I’ve been doing quite a lot of swimming. Um I think we’ll be fine…


What are you most worried about?

Alan: Hills

Seb: Yeah, all of those big hills.

Alan: You see, we live in Norfolk, so the opportunities for hill training have been slightly limited. Headwinds, we’re fine with those.

Seb: Because you turn around and then you’ve got a tailwind.


What are you most looking forward to?

Seb: Spending a day with my dad.

Alan: The cake at the stops.

[Seb scoffs and laughs]

Alan: Yeah, Oh sorry, and spending a day with my son. Yes.

Seb: I don’t know, I’m really excited to see London fully sort of closed off, having all of the private roads, and cycling with a bunch of other cyclists. It’s going to be nice because around Norfolk it can sometimes get quite quiet on the road, so having all of the cyclists out there and one big day will be good fun.

Alan: I’m looking forward to the pub at the finishing line. Vision Foundation have promised us a pint so I think that’s definitely something we’re going to be taking them up on.


Feeling inspired? Spur Seb and Alan on by donating to their fundraiser here.


A huge thank you to Alan and Seb for putting the video together and to the rest of the Team Vision cyclists for taking on this challenge to change lives and save sight. On behalf of everyone at Vision Foundation and Fight for Sight, good luck for Sunday!

Fancy a challenge of your own?

If you would like to take part in a challenge event, please contact Ruth at ruth.matthews@fightforsight.org.uk for more information.