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Breaking barriers to unemployment with Croydon Vision

Four women from Croydon Vision line up in a row, two of whom are holding white canesCroydon Vision supports its vibrant community by empowering its members and transforming lives. They work hard to change perceptions and encourage people to re-evaluate what is possible when you’re blind or partially sighted.

One of the key areas of focus is employment, and Vision Foundation has provided funding towards Croydon Vision’s ‘Forging a Sustainable Community’ programme. The programme was born out of sheer necessity as shocking stats reveal just one in four people living with sight loss are in work.

Croydon Vision’s programme aims to empower visually impaired members of the community who believe that they haven’t got the confidence or skills to enable them to join the workforce. Their goal is to bridge the gap between them and employers who mistakenly believe that they haven’t got appropriate jobs for people with sight loss.

This will result in unlocking untapped potential, building confidence, and improving employment prospects for those living with sight loss.

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