Become a gaming superstar

Whether you’re a Fortnite pro, have a passion for Animal Crossing, or you’ve never stepped foot in the gaming realm, we have a challenge for you. Get your friends and family involved and host a gaming marathon.

To set up your marathon, simply choose your console, select a game and decide how long you would like your marathon to be. Once you have the basics in place, create a fundraising page, promote your challenge on social media and gather plenty of snacks for the big day.

Could you be our next gaming superstar? It’s time to put your skills to the test and find out!

Fundraising target

There is no minimum fundraising target for this gaming extravaganza, but we suggest the following targets to raise as much as possible for London’s blind and partially sighted people.

·       24-hour gaming challenge:  Fundraising target: £500

·       12-hour gaming challenge: Fundraising target: £250

·       6-hour gaming challenge: Fundraising target: £150

For more information, contact Jess at or by telephone on 020 7620 4994.

The 2.6 Challenge

Why not make your gaming marathon a #TwoPointSixChallenge and host it for 26 hours or play 26 games on Sunday 26th April 2020? Saving the UK’s charities has never been more fun!

Important note: Please remember to take a 10-minute break every hour of your challenge to protect your eyesight.