Running for Macular Degeneration – Vision Foundation

Running for Macular Degeneration

This year, Dr Paul Sladen, senior scientist at MeiraGTx, is one of those determined runners taking on the marathon to raise money for Fight for Sight so we can save sight and change lives. Paul has a family history of macular degeneration and glaucoma, which is how he found his way into researching the eye and eye conditions.


Finding a cure

With a family history of macular degeneration and glaucoma, Paul has witnessed the effects these eye conditions can have first hand. Conveniently, there are two things he can do to tackle them!

Currently a senior scientist in gene therapy development for eye conditions, Paul is at the cutting-edge of research. Inspired by his grandma’s frequent question ‘have you found a cure for that macular yet?’ Pauls work brings him closer to an answer every day.

Paul is on a mission to raise awareness and funds for Fight For Sight/Vision Foundation. This marathon is more than just taking part, its about raising funds for research into the eye and driving progress towards treatments so that people like his grandma, will never have to lose their independence.

“I watched my grandma just slowly lose a bit of independence. Everyday tasks just became more difficult, potentially, impossible.”

Paul Sladen with stands behind his grandmother, they both smile into the camera.
Paul Sladen with stands behind his grandmother, they both smile into the camera.

Making time count

An finally, Paul found out he had a place in the London Marathon four months ago when on holiday in Spain. Since then he has embraced a training regimen that encompasses morning runs, long runs, short runs, walks with his new puppy and has remained optimistic despite an injury in October. “We got a puppy in January, so it feels like my life has essentially boiled down to running and puppies at the minute. And they’re like, the only two things I ever talk to anyone about. It’s like, how’s the puppy, or how’s the running?”

A photo of Paul smiling into the camera, in the distance the London skyline under a cloudy sky. A puppy with golden fur lays on grey carpet.

Sponsor Paul

As the marathon draws near Paul is ready to take on the London Marathon and get those endorophins pumping, with only a few days to go, we are excited to cheer him and the rest of our runners on!

If you would like to contribute to his fundraising appeal click here!