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How does a blind person take photos?

A while back, when watching TV, you might have come across the Nokia advert featuring blind photographer Gary Waite.

What you may not be aware of is that Gary first discovered photography on a course run by charity Photo Voice, which was funded by a grant from the Greater London Fund for the Blind.

Gary explained in a BBC interview how he takes photos:

“I’ve been taught to use my other senses to take pictures. For instance, hearing and smelling the sea air and the sound of the roller coaster then, like every photographer, taking as many shots as possible.”

He also uses his long cane to touch objects and judge their size and distance and produced a book showcasing photos relating to the West Indian music culture in London.

Matt Daw, Projects Manager at Photo Voice explains how blind and visually impaired people can enjoy photography and take amazing shots.

“[It] shows that as well as finding photography enjoyable and rewarding, blind and partially sighted people can take fantastic photographs and share their unique perspective on the world with others.”

He added: “Gary, and other blind and partially sighted people, experience the world in no less vivid detail than anyone else; it is just that senses other than sight naturally take precedent.”

Naturally everyone at the Greater London Fund for the Blind is delighted with Gary’s deserved success.

His story shows the difference that donations to our work can make to blind people’s lives in London, so we’d like to say a big thank you to all our donors for making this possible.