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Getting the best education for your visually impaired child

Depending on where you live in London, the level of services available to your visually impaired child can vary massively.

Imagine yourself as a parent confronted by an educational system that sometimes finds difficulty in going that extra few yards to accommodate the very special needs of such children. Who would you turn to for help?

To address the situation, Look London works with the parents to secure the most suitable educational placement to meet their child’s needs, including liaising with the local authority and dealing with the process of assessment and documentation which can be daunting and stressful.

Claire’s parents were finding it difficult to gain a school place for her. Look London visited the proposed school to ensure Claire’s needs would be met and looked at all aspects of the school environment and how it would directly affect her education, mobility and emotional welfare. The support given undoubtedly assisted Claire in gaining a place at the school.

John was another youngster who needed help. Aged nine, John has no sight at all and also has Cerebral Palsy. At school he has access to special IT equipment and adapted materials which have tactile pictures and sounds. Look London has helped provide John with the same computer programs at home so that he can now do his homework just like his sighted friends.