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Understanding loneliness and isolation in the visually impaired community

Why loneliness and isolation?

At Fight for Sight / Vision Foundation, we’re determined to fund projects and research that make a difference. We know that many blind and partially sighted people experience loneliness and isolation and, anecdotally, the pandemic and cost of living crisis have made things even tougher.

Please help us improve our understanding of the unique experience of loneliness and isolation for people who are blind or partially sighted, including people who are losing their sight. The more we understand about the impact, how it feels and what might help, the better we’re able to work with national and local partners to find solutions.

Share your experiences to help shape services and resources

To gain further understanding we’re asking people to fill out a survey and answer a few questions about their experiences with loneliness and isolation. The more people who fill out the survey the more information we can gather about how people are affected by this issue, and what might be done to prevent them.

With your help we can gather as much information as possible to develop services and resources to ensure no one feels isolated or lonely. Even if you think loneliness and isolation doesn’t affect you, please do still fill in the survey as you could let us know what is working well.

To share your experience you can find the survey here. 

You can also play a short video clip about the survey.