Plenary session panel – Vision Foundation

Plenary session panel

This inspirational session brings together a fantastic mix of talent highlighting their personal and diverse journeys to seeking employment. We hear from a lawyer, employment coach, software engineer and opera singer about overcoming challenges, practical tips for resilience and effective self-advocacy.

Umar Kayani Umar is a senior software engineer in test, he has always been into IT ever since he was young and managed to wipe out Windows within 3 days of owning a PC.




Saima headshot Saima is an employment coach working for a charity that supports people with disabilities to access employment, education or training. She has previously worked in marketing and always in the charity sector. Saima has a degree in English literature and creative writing and originally planned on going into teaching before changing her mind after her studies. Saima is a huge bookworm and loves cooking.



Joining Saima and Umar on the panel is Peter White, Michael Smith and Victoria Oruwari.