Volunteers Week: Q&A with Kerry – Vision Foundation

Volunteers Week: Q&A with Kerry

To celebrate Volunteers Week, we want to share the story of one of our previous volunteers, Kerry. After joining the Vision Foundation team in 2021 as a volunteer, supporting with operations at Head Office, Kerry was employed as our Grants Officer and we couldn’t be more pleased with what she’s achieved.

Reflecting on her volunteering journey, Kerry answered a few questions about what the experience was like for her. You can listen here.


Volunteering opportunities for blind and partially sighted people

When asked what opportunities are out there for blind and partially sighted volunteers, Kerry responded with:

“There are so many volunteering opportunities out there for blind and partially sighted people… Regardless of your level of vision, you’ve just got to find something you enjoy! Find something where you know you can demonstrate your skills and that will help you to develop. Don’t let that lack of vision get in the way because you should try anything out and I think ultimately, you could be quite surprised with what might be around the corner!

Here at Vision Foundation, there are tons of opportunities where you can make a difference as a volunteer. You might like to join a cheering squad or become a volunteer at one of our challenge events, like the London Marathon or Swim Serpentine. You could also have a more customer focused role within our charity shops across London. There are endless opportunities out there so I would encourage you to just go for it!”


Volunteer with Vision Foundation

From volunteer mentor to Marathon cheerleader, shop assistant to vintage treasure-seeker, there are loads of ways you can volunteer your time and skills with Vision Foundation.

Check out our current roles here.