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Robin Davies – Why I am running for GLFB

GLFB is immensely proud to have a handful of plucky runners taking part in the 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon in support of our work.

Robin (right) with his wife Lindsey
Robin (right) with his wife Lindsey

Robin Davies is one such runner and his story says it all so please read on…

“I have chosen to run for GLFB because I personally struggle with my vision and have done for many years. Since a young age, I have been virtually blind in my right eye, which was never an issue because my left eye always overcompensated meaning my vision day to day was fine.

However, in recent years, I have developed a condition in my right eye called Retinoschisis, which is when an area of the retina has separated into two layers, resulting in severe loss of vision, and potential retinal detachment.

This means that I am now prone to severe migraines, and I have to be careful when playing any contact sport in case I get I knock to the head which can cause a detachment. There is also a very real risk of developing Retinoschisis in my left eye, which would mean I would basically lose any clarity in my vision and eventually go blind.

Sight is one of those things people take for granted, and until you have a problem with it you don’t realise how much it means to you. The GLFB raises money to help the blind and partially sighted people. They also fund special projects to improve the lives of people affected by sight loss”.

Please visit Robin’s fundraising page to find out more and support his fundraising efforts if you are feeling inspired by his story.

To find out more about cheering on our runners on the 28th April 2019 or to join Team GLFB 2020 please contact Rebecca at