Remember a charity, leave a lasting impact – Vision Foundation

Remember a charity, leave a lasting impact

Every gift in every Will, however large or small, makes a difference.

Gifts in Wills help us plan for the future and invest in innovative and inspiring projects and research, (like the ones you have read about in this newsletter), which make such a huge and lasting difference to those living with or facing sight loss. Without these special gifts, we simply couldn’t do the work that we do.

Our legacy vision will help us address these two pressing questions for people experiencing sight loss:
  • How do I stop this?
  • How will I, or my child, live like this?
Your legacy gift will help provide the answers.


Our Co-Chair of Trustees, Louisa Vincent, has incorporated the charity in her Will, and here she tells us why:
Louisa Vincent from the chest up, sitting at a table by a bay. In the distance there are hills and trees. She's wearing a floral top and smiling.“My daughter has type 1 diabetes, so diabetic retinopathy has been on our radar for many years. She manages her condition well, but I would like to help minimise the future risk. Through my involvement as Co-Chair, I have seen the calibre and breadth of science and societal change that can be funded, and the power of what legacies can achieve.
A gift in a Will is an intensely personal decision. Everyone kind enough to tell us in advance they are writing Fight for Sight / Vision Foundation into their Will can feel confident their specific wishes on how their legacy gift should be spent will be properly respected.”
When the time comes to write your Will, please consider including a gift that will save sight and change lives.


Did you know that our supporters can access free Will writing? Call us on 020 7620 2066, email, or visit our webpage to find out more.