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5 reasons to take on a marathon in 2023!

Team Vision runner, Duncan, cheering as he runs towards some Vision Foundation supporters in the crowd. There is a graphic of a calendar with “March 14th London Marathon ballot results day!” underlined.

In April next year, we are taking on the London Marathon once again! Challenged with the 26.2 mile event, Team Vision runners will have the freedom to push themselves to a new personal best or run at their own pace, taking in the iconic London landmarks.

Whether you are a beginner or a little more confident in your running abilities, there are lots of reasons to compete in a marathon (other than to secure a spot on Team Vision, of course). Here are 5 reasons why you should run a marathon this year…

1. Improve your overall wellbeing

The physical benefits of taking on a marathon are straightforward, you can keep fit, improve your blood pressure and boost your cardiovascular endurance. However, most people don’t realise how important exercise is for your mental health as well. Training hard and working towards a goal helps relieve any stress from day-to-day life. Allowing your mind to focus will help give you a sense of purpose and leave you feeling mentally strong.

2. Achieve a bucket-list goal

Iconic marathons are a bucket-list feat for many. Even though the training and completing can be intense, having the attitude and drive that pushes you to complete a challenge like a marathon is a major achievement and brings a huge sense of pride to those who succeed. Our 2021 Team Vision runners, Matt and Oli, were so proud after the London Marathon that they hung their medals in their offices and living rooms so that they could be reminded of their achievement every day!

3. Push yourself out of your comfort zone

Taking part in a marathon is a great way to shake up your daily life, bringing a new passion and focus to your weeks! It opens up your world to exciting experiences, new friends and a fresh outlook on life.

4. Boost your confidence

Not only will running a marathon boost your fitness, but the buzz after you collect your medal will make you feel that you’re capable of anything! Usually, this mindset will carry forward into other aspects of our lives such as work and education.

5. Run to change lives and save sight

Taking on a marathon is special in itself, but by running with Team Vision, your experience will be even more of a triumph because as you run, you will be helping to change the lives of blind or partially sighted people.

We have a few spots left for April’s London Marathon. If you can take on the challenge, please email Olivia to get involved: Fundraising@visionfoundation.org.uk