Our Vision and Values – Vision Foundation

The hopes, fears and lived experiences of the people our work supports drives everything we do and informs our choices. In developing our vision and values we have consulted extensively with our staff, trustees, volunteers, and supporters as well as the wider sight loss sector, other funders and fundraisers.

Our vision

Our vision is a future where people living with sight loss are equal citizens and preventable blindness is a thing of the past.

Our mission is to make London a shining example of a sight loss aware city.

Our purpose is to transform the lives of people facing or living with sight loss by funding projects which inform, empower and include.


Our values

Our values reinforce everything we do. They shape the way we work and the culture we endeavour to instil.

We collaborate

The problems we seek to address are complex – no one organisation can do it alone. We wish to learn and share knowledge, combine skillsets and expertise, amplify impact and enable innovation.

We empower

It is individuals with sight loss who have the insight, skills and experience to identify the most important issues, influence others, and bring about lasting change.

We work intelligently

The issue of sight loss spans research, health, stigma, employment, culture, sport, transport, safety, economics, equality and more. Without an intelligent, evidence-based approach, our efforts will not be focussed to bring about the greatest impact.

We are courageous

Sight loss is a growing, urgent problem. Every day, people needlessly lose their sight for life. Every day, people unfairly miss out on opportunities. Every day, people face abuse, disregard, isolation, poverty and depression. We must be brave today to bring about a brighter tomorrow.