Vision Fund FAQS

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Our project works with people with disabilities. Can we apply?

In line with our purpose, we only fund projects which work to transform the lives of people facing or living with sight loss. This means that we accept applications for both work with visually impaired people, and for sight loss prevention work.

Our project doesn’t support visually impaired people but is based in London. Can we apply?
We only support projects focused on sight loss and prevention work in London. All projects will be expected to demonstrate how they respond directly to the needs of, and barriers faced by blind and partially sighted people in London and those at risk of sight loss.


Our project is outside of London, can we still apply?

The Vision Fund currently only supports sight loss and prevention projects which are delivered in London.


Do you only fund sight loss organisations?

No. We are equally keen to fund mainstream organisations working to adapt their existing services to include blind and partially sighted people. All applications will need to clearly demonstrate exactly how they plan to reach blind and partially sighted people.


Do you provide grants to individuals?

We only provide grants to registered charities or registered charitable companies. Only the entities below can apply for the Vision Fund:

  • Registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)
  • Charitable company, limited by guarantee
  • Other UK Registered Charity
  • Community Interest Company (CIC), limited by guarantee o Exempt charity (e.g. educational establishment)

If you are a registered company, kindly contact us before making a submission.


We have an active Vision Foundation grant. Can we apply to this round, or do we need to wait?

Organisations with an active Vision Foundation grant can still apply for another grant in this round.

We applied last round but were not successful; can we re-apply with the same project?
Resubmissions are by invitation only, so we would advise that you don’t re- apply with a previously unsuccessful project, however do feel able to contact us to discuss your project.


Can I apply for part funding even if partial funds have not yet been secured?

Yes, we do not expect you to have all funding in place and will still accept part-funding applications. However, we would want to understand how you intend to raise any outstanding funds, and how the project might be affected should the funds not be secured in time (adequate risk analysis).

With the focus on employment this cycle, can I apply for funding to address other challenges faced by blind and partially sighted people? Yes, we invite applications for other work under our existing 3 strategic aims: Opening London up; Empowering those at risk and Preventing avoidable blindness.


Can we apply for core funding?

We do not provide unrestricted grants. However, we are willing to contribute to core funds as part of your project funding. We are keen to understand all the costs involved in delivering your proposed project (full cost recovery) and appreciate that such costs will include core costs. Please outline in your budget how you have calculated the costs you are requesting in your application.


Do you have a % limit on the amount of overheads you will fund?

We will only fund overheads of up to 10% of your total project costs. However, we would want to see a breakdown of the different elements of your overheads, for e.g., 2% of CEO’s oversight, contribution towards rent etc.


What documents do we need to submit as part of my application?

The following documents are required at different stages of the application process:

  • Project budget
  • Most recent audited accounts
  • Safeguarding policy

Please note that you would also be required to provide two referees, one of which could be from a Local Authority. This will only be relevant if you have previously worked directly with a Local Authority in London, with a contact name who can provide a reference on various aspects of your work, including safeguarding.


I am having a problem with the online form, who can I contact?

Please contact our Grants and Impact Team via email or call 0207 620 2066.


Can I post my application?

All applications should be made via our online grants platform. We moved away from paper and designed an online application form that is tried and tested to ensure greater accessibility for blind and partially sighted people including our own grants team and assessment committee.


When will I know the outcome?

All applicants will be notified of the decision by 10th January 2022. Please visit our website (see the section on Grant Types) for more information.


If successful, how long will we have to spend the grant?

This would all depend on your project duration as outlined in your application, and further to any amendments to your payment schedule as agreed with us. Further to your grant being approved, you would be expected to start your project and draw down the first instalment of the grant within 3 months of signing the grant offer letter, again unless otherwise agreed with us.


Do we need to report back on our grant?

Yes, as part of the terms and condition of your grant, you are required to submit progress reports every six months for the duration of your grant, with a final report at the end of your project.