Re-opening our shops – Vision Foundation

Re-opening our shops

Following guidance from the UK Government, a number of our shops in London are open. The safety of our customers, our volunteers and our staff is our number one priority.

Coronavirus signs at the Kensington shop

Safety measures in our shops

It is extremely important to us that the environment we operate in is safe for our customers, staff, and volunteers. We are complying with Government and Charity Retail Association guidelines around health and safety measures in our shops, and as a minimum requirement, the following safety measures will be in place*:

Staff and volunteers

Individual risk assessments will be carried out on each shop to ensure staff and volunteers are safe to return. Vulnerable team members will continue to be supported.


Donated goods will be welcomed in open shops only and will be isolated for 72 hours before sorting. This is in line with the Charity Retail Association advice. Our household collection and delivery services are not available at this time. Donation bags are no longer opened at our shops and we kindly ask that all garments donated are freshly laundered and arrive in sealed bags or boxes. All donations will then be collected and sent to our central warehouse, where they will sit in quarantine for 72 hours. After quarantine, the items will be steamed and priced by staff members wearing PPE before they are sent back to our shops for display. The items currently in our shops have all undergone this process.

Gloves and masks

All shop staff and volunteers will be provided with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and a staff member will be present at the shop entrance to distribute hand sanitiser. There will also be a screen shielding the checkout area.


Each shop will be thoroughly cleaned every morning, afternoon, and again in the evening. This will include a deep sanitation of the clothing bars, the tops of all clothing hangers and any tangible items.


Contactless payment will be the preferred method.

Social distancing

A one-way system will be present in each of our shops, signposted with floor and wall markings. Shop staff will be able to explain the system verbally on request. We ask that all customers abide by the one-way system, and please always keep a two-meter distance from other customers and staff in the shop. The number of customers allowed in the stores will be limited and to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience, we would be grateful if all shop visits could be kept short and sweet.

Changing rooms

For health and safety reasons, customers will be unable to try on items and our changing rooms are currently closed.


It is still possible to return items to our shops providing the tags are left on any purchased items. All returns must be placed in a sealed see-through bag with the garment and attached shop tag visible from within. This refund policy is temporary and only relates to items of clothing which can only be returned within 7 days. Any returns will be quarantined for 72 hours at our COVID-safe warehouse before they are placed back in our shops, to ensure there is no chance of contamination.

Reduced opening times

We will have reduced opening times to allow for deep cleaning of the shops.


*These requirements are subject to revision as per Government guidance.