Gifts in Wills

A gift in your Will to the Vision Foundation will help change lives and save sight.

What gifts in Wills can do…

A gift in your Will – whatever the size – will enable the Vision Foundation to fund crucial projects and services across London that reduce loneliness. Your legacy will be to ensure blind and partially sighted people can maintain their independence and be part of their local community.

These special gifts are vital to ensuring we can continue to empower, inform and include blind and partially sighted people. In turn, we will create a fairer society for everyone.

Making your Will and keeping it up to date also ensures that your family, friends and causes that you care about are taken care of. We realise that your loved ones come first, but a gift in your Will to the Vision Foundation would mean a lasting legacy for blind and partially sighted people across London.

All you need:

The Charity address: Vision Foundation, Sir John Mills House, 12 Whitehorse Mews, 37 Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7QD

Registered Charity number: 1074958

How to write and amend your Will for free

McClure Solicitors are a partner of the Vision Foundation. As part of this partnership, they will prepare your Will or review an existing Will free of charge. You don’t pay and the Vision Foundation don’t pay to use this service. You will also have the chance to make a donation to the charity of your choice. If you would like to proceed, then simply contact McClure on 0800 852 1999 and they do the rest.

What kind of gift could I leave?

There are different types of gifts that kind supporters choose to leave in their Wills, such as:

  • A residuary gift. After giving what you want to friends and family, you can leave what’s left (or a percentage of what’s left) to the Vision Foundation. This sort of gift will keep its value over the time
  • A cash gift. You can leave a fixed amount of money to the Vision Foundation. Because of inflation the value of a fixed cash gift will decrease over time, so you may want to review cash gifts from time to time. Or ask your solicitor about linking your cash gifts to the Retail Price Index so they maintain their value
  • A gift in kind. You can leave possessions to us, like property, shares, jewellery or furniture
  • In a trust. You can set aside a sum in your Will which is left in a trust fund and given to the Vision Foundation when the term of the trust fund ends

Review or change an existing Will

If you already have a Will and would like to add a gift to the Vision Foundation, you may be able to add a simple form, known as a codicil, to your existing Will.

You can also speak to our Will-writing partner, McClure Solicitors, who can also review your Will for completely free. Simply contact them on 0800 852 1999.

Some useful resources

  • Citizens Advice: advice on creating a Will and why it’s important
  • GOV.UK: provides an overview of creating a Will
  • McClure Solicitors: provide a free Will-writing and Will review service for charities including the GLFB

Getting in touch

Do you have any queries about leaving a gift in your Will to the Vision Foundation?

Contact Emma in our Fundraising Team who will be happy to help you .

Phone: 020 7620 4918
Post: Vision Foundation, Sir John Mills House, 12 Whitehorse Mews, 37 Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7QD.

We are so grateful to those generous enough to leave a gift in their Will. We would very much like to be able to thank you properly, so please do let us know if you have included the Vision Foundation in your Will.