Putting big smiles on little faces this Christmas

Eleanor and mum Kelly take part in the workshopThere’s something magical about going to the theatre – and it’s something all children should be able to enjoy. But sadly not everyone can, and blind and visually impaired children are often left out. A trip to the theatre is a costly affair, especially when you’re restricted to only going to dedicated audio described performances.

This year we’ve been putting big smiles on little faces by funding an amazing project that provides subsidised theatre experiences to blind and partially sighted children.

Mousetrap Theatre Projects provides dedicated audio described performances, special workshops and touch tours so children can learn about a production, walk on the stage, and feel the props and costumes.

Eight year old Eleanor who is severely sight impaired and her parents, Kelly and Tim, attended a recent performance of Some Like it Hip Hop at London’s Peacock Theatre. Eleanor’s mum, Kelly explains what the trip meant to them:


“We always really look forward to the Mousetrap theatre days and we have been lucky enough to have experienced three of them now. What makes such a difference to just a standard trip to the theatre is the relevance of the pre-show workshop which really helps to give meaning to the show, especially to the children. The whole family is encouraged to get involved instead of just sitting on the sidelines, this can sometimes be quite daunting as an adult as we are rarely offered the opportunity to do something so fun!

We laugh a lot, run around and meet new people, honestly what’s not to love about that? Its above and beyond a normal trip to the theatre!

8 year old Eleanor walks with her cane into the theatre stalls with her mum and dad

It is hard to describe how important the audio description is in a show for visually impaired children. It brings the show to life, makes them feel part of the show as well as everyone else in the room. So often musicals are very visual shows but the people who provide the audio description do such amazing work at explaining what is happening that the children don’t miss out on those small non-verbal moments. This coupled with the all important touch tours where we’re offered the opportunity to feel props, costumes and meet cast members makes the whole experience pretty magical and exciting!

After ’Some like it Hip Hop’ we downloaded the soundtrack and have been singing the songs at home and in the car now for weeks, it has definitely had a lasting impression on us!

We are so thankful to have these opportunities to spend fun, carefree time as a family.”


We would love to provide more opportunities for blind and partially sighted children to experience the magic of theatre but we need your help. Please consider donating today – so we can put more big smiles on little faces this Christmas.